I inhabit the intersection of tech and news.

I got my start writing for The Times of India when I was in high school. I learnt the power of storytelling and reporting in one of the best experiences I’ve had.

The news industry was beginning to transition from print to web, and I transitioned from working as a reporter to studying systems engineering. I graduated from Loughborough University, United Kingdom with a degree in human factors and systems thinking.

I combined these interests in founding Synopted News, a service that helped people understand the day’s news easily, and grew into a product and research role. I believe that users, products, and data, all have a story to tell, and I view my job as finding a narrative common to all three.

I love to write and and in my free time, I run the 100 people project, an interview series where I speak those doing remarkable work in any field: law, education, sport, tech. The aim is to create an in-depth collection of profiles that inspires young adults to think differently about their careers and lives.

Here's what I believe...

It's impossible to build something people want without understanding the people. I believe in customer research to generate ideas for products and features, and test their implementation.

There are many unglamorous systems that are broken, especially for customer segments that are often overlooked. So, I’m particularly intrigued by products for underserved communities like young parents, ambitious women, first-time internet users in developing countries.

I believe there’s nothing like a well-told story to trigger a person’s imagination and empathy. In whatever form - articles, interviews, long-form reporting, fiction - I love to consume great storytelling. I’d love to learn to write great stories, too.

When I was younger, I thought a person had to pick a career from few predetermined options - engineer, doctor, lawyer - and stick with it. Now, I believe it’s possible for a person to fluidly design their own career based on their interest, aptitude, and goal.

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